The leading choice of fine steel tools and equipment for generations of horticulturalists.

Garden tools

Burgon & Ball are a Sheffield based company with a greatly passionate heritage who have been working with steel and making the finest tools on the market since 1730. Their designs, to this day, continue to thrive, being the leading choice for generations of horticulturalists.

The business began manufacturing agricultural shears in Sheffield, an area known since the 14th century for its skills in knives and steel. By 1865 James Ball, one of the founding members, patented a manufacturing process for the production of solid steel sheep shears. The design uses the best cast steel rather than the more usual iron blades of the time, a venture that led the company to great success and gave promise for exceptional growth. By 1897 Burgon & Ball had a substantial international presence and were becoming recognised globally for their fine steel tools and equipment, with their garden shears now outselling their sheep shears and becoming their leading product range.

Their great success has lead to the collaboration with top designers such as Sophie Conran, creating award-winning giftware ranges that gives their excellent product range its designer aesthetic. Burgon & Ball’s stainless tools are also offically endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society – the ultimate accolade in the gardening industry.

Check out their elite range of beautiful, high performance gardening tools and equipment to step up your landscaping game.