Investing time and creativity to provide customers with high quality, ethical and inspirational lifestyle products

Contemporary home decor

Ivyline design creative and contemporary accessories for the home and garden. Founded in 1976, their dedicated team works passionately throughout the entire production process, from initial design to eventual dispatch. This means every piece within their collection is especially designed by their team of experts and the results are the beautiful, unique and innovative product line they offer.

Their vision as a brand is to enhance your home and garden space, delighting and amazing their customers and building items into home treasures. Ivyline has stayed ahead of the curve in terms of quality, ethical standards and service to their world wide customer base. This as well as a dedicated commitment to reducing their carbon footprint by always sourcing their product materials responsibly, making sure every decision made is carefully considered to reduce their impact on the plant.

A huge part of Ivyline’s promise to their customer-base is that all of their products are ethically created, designed with love and made in their UK studio. This covers their fire pits and candles to planters, plant pots and everything in between. Their mission is to invest their time and creativity to provide their customers with quality, ethical and inspirational lifestyle products, underpinned by outstanding customer service.

Transcend your garden and living space with Ivyline’s phenomenal range of unique and stunning decor.