Dedicated to growing and supplying the nation’s best trees, shrubs and plants UK-wide

Professional Nurserymen

Johnsons of Whixley is a three-generation family business that has been supplying the nation with millions of high quality plants for 100 years. Located in North Yorkshire, between York and Harrogate, they are dedicated to growing and supplying the nation’s best trees, shrubs and plants UK-wide.

They strive to accomodate bespoke customer requirements and budgets, even outside the traditional growing season, because customer service and satisfaction is at the heart of their business.

Johnsons is extremely passionate about channeling excellence in their products, that is why 11 members of the family have an active role within the business, from senior leadership positions and administration to more hands-on roles on the shop floor. From those in the office, on the shop floor, or on the ground tending to the plants and trees, they strive to nurture and innovate. Each staff member plays an important role in the growth of the business.

Johnsons is one of the few businesses that can claim to be a true net contributor to the environment and we invest a significant amount each year to ensure our continued contribution to the world around them, From reducing their use of plastics in the business to low emission vehicles, they keep a detailed track on their processes impact on the environment.

Check out a wonderful selection of plants, shrubs and trees from a family-run business that really cares.