An award winning wide selection of quality frost-free outdoor pottery

Outdoor ceramic pots and planters

Woodlodge is the UK’s leading supplier of garden pots, with a reputation for excellence and expertise in the design and distribution of gardenware and horticulture products.

The business has been trading since 1987, prioritising quality materials and products demonstrating skilled craftsmanship.

Woodlodge has grown its core product range from esteemed pottery to a range of garden products, with expansion of the Heritage Garden brand and licensed National Trust range.

Dedication to innovative design and the progression of the horticulture industry, all products are developed to meet the changing needs and interests of their customers.

Inspired by the natural world and horticulture, their primary aim is to design, create and maintain a wide range of attractive and innovative garden containers and sundries to be enjoyed and enhance gardens and homes everywhere regardless of size.

Woodlodge work with carefully selected suppliers and skilled craftsmen from all over the world, with outdoor pottery fired at high temperatures producing a superb, robust product that is guaranteed to be frost proof against the British winter, as well as complementing a range of garden settings.