Growing and supplying flower bulbs and associated products since 1919.

Flower bulbs

Taylors Bulbs are a passionate fourth generation family business, growing and supplying flower bulbs and associated products since 1919. Otto Augustus Taylor set up the company with his two sons, originally as a small-scale farming business, but quickly decided to instead pursue growing and selling flowers and bulbs, leading them to considerable success. By 1938 the family owned 120 hectares of prime Lincolnshire silt and the nursery facilities.

Since starting, O.A. Taylor & Sons Bulbs has been recognised as one of the early pioneers in bulb growing in Britian. They have been granted numerous awards, most prestigious being The Royal Warrant as Bulb Growers to Her Majesty The Queen, The Queen Mother’s Warrant and the Gold Medal for Walkers Bulbs as a specialist division.

Taylor’s also makes a conscious effort to protect and maintain the environment which surrounds their daffodil fields by drilling wildflower and bird seed mixture to provide a habitat and food for birds during the winter months. This along with planting native hedgerows (Crataegus monogyna) around their farm, this attracts birds as they feed on the berries and the branches provide a safe habitat to nest. Such efforts have also proven to increase bee population as the flowers provide pollen for them to yield. The benefits from their efforts to increase diversity have proven to be a huge success, providing endless habitats for surrounding wildlife including butterflies and hedgehogs.

Taylor’s is clearly a brand that is willing to go the extra mile for their customers and the planet, never faltering on quality, customer service or attention to detail. Check out their new spring flowering varieties and fill your patio with a burst of colour from March through until May.