Committed to producing the most delicious English wine, fruit wine, cider, mead, liqueurs and spirits.

English wine, Liqueurs and Spirits

Lyme Bay Winery is the proud home of all LBW Drinks. Their small, dedicated beverage company, made up of an extremely passionate team of individuals, are all committed to producing the most delicious English wine, fruit wine, cider, mead, liqueurs and spirits from their home in Devon’s beautiful Axe Valley.

They have combined their knowledge, expertise, love of flavours and fine ingredients with their wine-making skills to craft traditional drinks, tailored the 21st century palate. Each of their amazing products are fermented, blended and aged, as appropriate, in their winery under the supervision of their experienced team. Lyme Bay strive to be unique within the industry, always choosing to be inventive with their flavours and pushing the boundaries to get the best possible product they can achieve their wine selections include popular classics as well as exciting new flavours such as Ginger Wine which was Awarded Two-star Gold at ‘Great Taste Awards’ 2012.

They are the only English winery to achieve an A* accreditation for manufacturing quality from the British Retail Consortium (BRC) this ensures that all their products are crafted to the highest standards. They source grapes for their English Wines from select growers across the country so they can confidently claim to make the best wines from the best grapes from the best growers, making it a more responsible and sustainable supplier of alcoholic beverages.

Since beginning, over 25 years ago, Lyme Bay has experienced great success and gained a reputation worth boasting, winning prestigious awards and becoming a home favourite to many people is their biggest pride. Check out their incredible selection here and support a Great British Wine brand with an attention for detail and thirst for innovation.