Forward-thinking and innovative pots that literally breathe life into any plant or space

Modern plant pots

Artevasi is a modern plant pot brand that was born out of four generations of love and dedication to pottery manufacturing. It all began in 2006 when a passion for plants and love of pottery was fused and Artevasi was born. Their aim is to spread new ideas and grow with their customers, filling more houses with innovation and greenery.

Their passion for plants, motivated them to put their pottery skillset into practice, designing pots that not only provide the very best condidtions for growth, but ones that also enhance their natural beauty. Artevasi design forward-thinking and innovative pots that literally breathe life into any plant or space.

One of their key values is their pledge towards sustainablitly, designing beautiful ceramics should not come at the cost of the environment. They are extremely concious and concerned about their environmental footprint, consistently challenging themselves to reduce their impact. In response to this issue they have begun designing their new Plastic Collection, relabelling plastic as everlasting and renewable as their self-watering recycled plastic pots give plants life.

Their success is recognised world-wide, known to source information and pull new ideas from different cultures and lifestyles. Their mission is to produce modern pots and accessories with beautiful designs, that contribute to the space and the wellbeing of the plant. Take a look at their modern approach to plant care and sustainability here.