A range of fantastic Jurassic Coast brands and limited edition craft ales

Dorset based brewery

Dorset Brewing Company was founded in 1996, when Giles Smeath restored an 800 year old brewing tradition to the Dorset port of Weymouth, in the heart of the World Heritage Coastline, otherwise known as the Jurassic Coast.

Dorset Brewing Company is set in the beautiful and historic county of Dorset. This well loved brewery has grown significantly in size and stature but still remaining to be the respected family brewery it was when it first opened. From its humble beggining, DBC’s success has led to their relocation to their state of the art spring water fed brewhouse (The Jurassic Brewhouse), now capable of crafting 1.5 million delicious pints a year!

Serving fantastic Jurassic Coast brands and limited edition craft ales, DBC are dedicated to amazing products and representing independent companies from the heart of Dorset. Their friendly and enthusiastic team have a real passion for great ales, working tirelessly to create brilliant ales that have put DBC on the map.

DBC strives to produce individual products that represent the best of Dorset.