Global leaders for innovative lifestyle solutions for in and around the home

Amazing outdoor spaces

Keter is focussed on making any outdoor space incredible. They pride themselves on being global leaders for innovative lifestyle solutions for in and around the home. Their consistent aim is to positively impact consumers’ lives every day, everywhere round the world.

Their stunning and extensive range of patio furniture, indoor and outdoor storage solutions and clever household organisational feature products, are all designed to enhance a space and are built to last. This is part of their sustainability pact, understanding that better quality design and materials will ensure their product range stands the test of time, moving away from the throw-away mentality many brands bear.

Having developed their company for over 70 years, Keter has now become a world leader in resin-based products, and use that responsibility to encourage sustainable consumption throughout the industry. They lead by example, using sustainable plastics and by designing products that are built for endurance.

Keter’s product range is designed in a way that enhances durability, longevity and reusablity. This dedication to reducing their own and their consumers’ carbon footprint comes from their pursuit for a more sustainable outdoor furnishing industry. Keter works with the most innovative technologies on the market, to date, aiming to construct lifestyle products that better peoples’ spaces and elevate their outdoor experiences.