A range of iconic products covering barbecuing equipment and fire bowls, all authentically created in India

Authentic firebowls

Kadai was started in the mid 1990’s by Christo and his team, when they were travelling round India on motorbikes, discovering the culture, people and treasures of the country. Having seen the traditional Kadais used as cooking bowls in India with the fire underneath, he started experimenting with one at home and came up with the idea of putting the fire inside the bowl instead. The company continues to go from strength to strength with the original concept and ethics playing a large part in their great success.

Their range of iconic products covering barbequing equipment and fire bowls, all authentically created in India with an expert team specially selected by Christo. He visits the team multiple times a year to ensure the standard never drops and that the craftsmen remain happy and passionate. It is due to years of dedication to the art of beautiful and authentic firebowls that has cultivated an original product, loved by all that use it.

Take a look at their outstanding and beautiful firebowls for a unique cooking or relaxing experience that will warm you with it’s character. Enjoy gathering round with family and loved ones in winter or extending summer nights with the endless warmth and glow of Kadai.