A playful and unique brewery with a real passion for great beer.

Artisan Ales

Piddle are a playful and unique brewery with a real passion for great beer. They are enthusiastic about crafting great ales that bring serious pleasure, dedicated to blending hops, barley and malts to create everything from delicate thirst quenchers to thick, velvety stouts.

Piddle comes with a great historical heritage that seeps right into the heart of brewing. The brewery was founded in the rolling chalk hills of Piddlehinton, just five miles from the county town of Dorchester. They supply bottled beers, kegs and casks to order of their high quality traditional beers, ciders and stouts, all with maximum taste.

Their success comes from the perfect combination of local water (perfect for the brewing process), their unique brewing recipe and great yeast. They also provide enticing food- matching recommendations to compliment the depth of their flavours. Their new range of bottled beers was a large investment for the company, but meant that their customer base can take their Piddle beverages anywhere, whether that be to enjoy at home or at a picinic!

Piddle also supply a fantastic gift range, including their beverage stocking fillers, duo/trio packs and their core range. Their core range consists of Piddle; a premium hoppy ale with a citrus twist, Cocky; their golden hoppy IPA, Dorest Rogue; a balanced and complex chestnut brown bitter as well as many more unique ales.