Dorset’s own, long deserved, cider produced from some of it’s forgotten traditional trees.

Dorset Cider

Purbeck Cider was first started by young Joe who came from a family of farmers, who in 2006 decided to fuse his great love for the Isle of Purbeck and even greater love for cider. This led to his determination to give Dorset it’s own, long deserved, cider produced from some of it’s forgotten traditional trees.

From this ambition, Joe went out and purchased some fermenting kit and took a punt at creating his first batch of cider. Joe’s research into Dorset’s forgotten orchards took him to all corners of the county, from a few trees in back gardens to the remarkable discovery that a 180 acre orchard once grew on Orchard Hill at Kingston, only a stone’s throw from the very site where their cider is made today. Once Joe refined his method giving each batch to family and locals for the taste test! After many batches he had finally refined the perfect balance of flavours for his cider, leading him to experiement with planting traditional varieties such as Woodbine, Tom Putt and good old Slack-ma-Girdle! Laying the foundations on which the Purbeck Cider Company was built.

With local pubs, farm shops and delis chomping at the bit for Joe’s hand crafted cider, he loaded up his old van, put on his best shirt and hit the road. Sales of over 3,000 litres later and the Purbeck Cider Company was up and running. From that moment on Joe became fiercely determined to put the Isle of Purbeck on the map as a premium cider destination. Now their product line includes a tradtional dry cider, sparkling perry cider, a sweet cider, Jurrassic Juice cloudy apple and their Forgotten Orchard range- recently being awarded the Great Taste Award, a Taste of Dorset Award for best cider.