An award-winning product which makes growing your own vegetables at home achievable and straightforward

Healthy homegrown gardening products

VegTrug’s product range is designed to make a healthy, home-grown lifestyle possible for anyone. Their unique designs give any space the potential to become a spot for their produce to grow. Whether this be indoors or an outdoor space without soil, the elevated cradle makes growing your own organic fruit or veg more accessible.

VegTrug are a company that was established in 2009 by founders Joe Denham and Paul Owen. The VegTrug product has been rigorously tested and developed over the years, to today, where it stands as an award-winning product which made growing your own vegetables at home achievable and straightforward. This comes with the guarantee is that the build and quality of the VegTrug product line is superior anything else on the market.

When they first began, Joe and Paul operated from their dining room table and a farm building, working tirelessly to grow the business, to today where VegTrug is now established in 24 countries.

The product range is focussed on elevated planter tools and stations, perfect for growing fruit, vegetables and herbs. Designed for gardening on decks and patios, making planting, weeding and gardening more attainable, even in small spaces. Their product spectrum targets the whole family, offering seed starter packs and a children’s range of VegTrugs and equipment for budding gardeners.