Official inventors of the Kettle barbecue, putting simplicity, accessiblity and of course a great steak before anything else

Barbecue products

As one of the world’s leading providers in barbecuing innovation, providing the most comprehensive range of products and services in the industry. Their story started right after the Second World War, as a new period of relaxation and peace had began. During the summer months barbecuing had become the height of fashion, but the traditional BBQ pits were rendered useless when it rained, producing a soggy mess- or a slight breeze, blowing ash onto a freshly grilled steak. It was George Stephen Senior who brilliantly cultivated a barbecue out of a metal buoy, chopping it in half, added air vents and the original kettle barbecue was born. He realised cooking on a rounded bowl with the lid down was the key to the perfect steak, and now everyone wanted one.

It was a simple solution to a common problem, and it was a complete hit throughout the 1960s and 1970s, becoming the most famous brand in barbecuing and people loved it’s delicious results. Stephen’s vision changed the landscape if outdoor entertaining and Weber continues to honour his legacy by developing and producing the best grills and accessories available for years to come.

Weber barbecues are the number one barbecue brand on the market today, loved by millions world wide. No other barbecue manufacturer can boast such a wealth of knowledge and experience as Weber.