Create unique spaces in which to relax

Table linens, soft furnishings & nursery gifts

Walton & Co are creators of beautiful table linens, soft furnishings & nursery gifts.

Our well-travelled design team have honed their expertise in assessing future trends in fashion, culture and interiors and translating these into collections for the home that combine functionality with on-trend looks.

Based in North Yorkshire, Walton & Co has been owned by the Marshall family since 1991. Our buyers have established trading relationships with world class manufacturers to ensure that our exclusive designs are made to our rigorous quality levels whilst making the products as competitively priced as possible.

The firm commenced business in 1785 under the title of Walton, Oates & Co. It has a history that is full of interest with archives dating back to the days of employment of hand-loom weavers. Drapers Record, on June 4th 1927, stated that ‘the goods have a fine reputation for quality and durability’, values which stand true in the 21st Century.

Today, living, eating and entertaining are informal, inside or outside. Their latest collections reflect this mood so that you can create unique spaces in which to relax.